6 Qualities to Look for in a Business School

Posted by Admin | June 18th, 2015

Want to own your own business—run your own show and make money without having to work for someone else? If so, you belong to a large group of go-getters. Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park, however. It requires managerial skills and an entrepreneurial know-how that most people lack. If you are thinking of a career in business, you should consider enrolling into a business school to learn the ropes. There are several qualities to look for when searching for a business school to ensure you enroll in a school that will hone your skills and give you value for your money.

Awards and Accreditation

There are many business schools out there, but quality and offerings vary considerably. Some schools have reputation for excellence and others—well, some aren’t as. So how do you find out which are worth pursuing? First, find out whether the business school is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Keep away from schools that are not accredited by this body. Accredited business schools tend to be more serious in their training and tend to offer good value for your tuition fees.

Critical Thinking Skills

The core competence of an entrepreneur is the ability to think critically. This is essential for executing business strategies in a highly competitive environment. So the business school you select should emphasize strategic, analytical, critical thinking. Why? Because when you graduate, this is one of the key qualities that will determine whether you’re able to apply what you’ve learned at school into practice as an entrepreneur.

Modern Facilities

Business schools also differ in their facilities. Look for one that has been updated and doesn’t look like an old set from “Mad Men.” Are the classrooms comfortable and conducive to learning? Is the technology modern—for example, is the library computerized so you can call up a book with a single mouse click?

Hands-on Learning Experiences

The mark of a good school is its ability to provide hands-on learning experience to its students. Many business schools arrange for their students to work with companies as management interns to learn the intricacies of running a business. This is a very important aspect of business training as the students are equipped with practical knowledge and get a chance to interact with entrepreneurs to gain both knowledge and confidence. When choosing a school, give preference to those that provide this aspect of training.

Flexible Academics

The curriculums offered by business schools differ from one school to another. You should choose a school that offers a flexible academic curriculum that allows students to request certain courses tailored to their specific needs. Schools that have this flexibility end up having the most innovative students and hence successful entrepreneurs after graduating.

Brand Name

Many business schools rely on their brand name to attract students. Students who graduate from these schools often take with them some extra prestige and business opportunities. If you have the grades and experience to get accepted, opt for a school with a respected brand name to get those extra perks after graduation.

Whichever business school you choose, bear in mind that while business training offers the foundation for success, the ultimate test of an entrepreneur is the passion he or she employs on the business path. You will need to combine the theoretical knowledge acquired in class with the wisdom acquired in the boardroom to be able to stand above the rest in the challenging business world.